Service levels at a glance

Here at Fred Coupe MOTOR STORE, we provide a variety of service levels, enabling you to choose the one that’s most appropriate to your needs.

    Minor Service (Petrol) £239
    Major Service (Petrol) £349
    Minor Service (Diesel) £269
    Major Service (Diesel) £389
    Minor Service (Electric) £179
    Major Service (Electric) £229

    What's Included?

    Please see below what is included in our Minor and Major services

    ServicingMinor ServiceMajor Service
    Oil FilterIncludedIncluded
    Sump Plug WasherIncludedIncluded
    Screen wash & Premium Pollen FilterIncludedIncluded
    Brake FluidIncluded
    Air Filter & Fuel Filter (Diesel Only)Included


    If you have any queries, please check our frequently asked questions below to see if answers are provided. If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Walton Le Dale, Preston.

    What is a service?


    Essentially, it’s a routine health check for your car. It enables our technicians to ensure key parts and systems are functioning correctly, and that there is no wear and tear that’s impacting your vehicle’s safety and roadworthiness.

    What happens if I don’t service my vehicle?


    Without regular servicing, any underlying issues can develop into more significant problems, potentially leading to an unsafe vehicle – and expensive repair bills further down the line.

    What’s the difference between a Minor and Major Service?


    A Minor Service covers fewer components and systems. It typically includes:

    • Screen wash top up, oil top-up and oil filter replacement, plus the replacements of the sump plug washer, premium pollen filter and cabin filters.
    • Electric vehicles also have a cabin air filter replacement, a battery fluid inspection, and a battery usage and diagnostic check.

    A Major Service includes:

    • All Minor Service elements, plus brake fluid, air filter and fuel filter check/replacements (where appropriate)

    Do all electric, hybrid and fuel cars require a service?


    Yes, we strongly advise that all vehicles are serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Electric cars typically require less maintenance because an electric drivetrain has fewer working parts.

    Services that might interest you At Fred Coupe, we’re a Nissan and INFINITI service partner and our aftersales services include:
    • Fixed-price Minor Servicing, Major Servicing and common repairs
    • Transparent and competitive pricing for all other repairs
    • Service Plans (which cater for a wide spread of requirements and budgets)
    • Service Packages (devised to help spread the cost of essential maintenance)
    • Accident Management
    • Nissan Roadside Assistance
    • Video summaries (which outline any work that’s required, including a quote – we won’t proceed until you give your permission to do so)